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Donnie Wahlberg Not Happy With Jenny McCarthy's Friendship With Ex Jim Carrey
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Jenny McCarthy‘s boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg is outraged she’s “carrey-ing on” a friendship with her ex-boyfriend, Jim Carrey. Recently, The View co-hostess, 41, shocked co-stars and fans by revealing on the show, “Jim and I have become friends now since our breakup.”

And the continued relationship has Wahlberg, 44, seeing red! “She and Jim talk all the time and have become extremely close friends, to Donnie’s annoyance,” the source said. “Jenny and Jim are always on the phone talking and it’s starting to bug Donnie. Jenny pretty much dismisses his irritation, but it’s putting things on dangerous ground.” Following her marriage to director John Mallory Asher, with whom she had an autistic son, Evan, McCarthy was with funnyman Carrey, 52, from 2005 to 2010.

The blonde beauty, who has gone from Playboy fame to The View, has dated Wahlberg since July 2013. Now her frequent contact with her ex-beau is making Blue Bloods actor Wahlberg uneasy, the source said. “He knows Jim has a hold over her and he’s not happy about this renewed contact. Donnie is very paranoid about Jim trying to win her back and is under no illusion that he has the charms to do it,” the source said.


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They all sounds like messes tbh.

Anyone here friends with an ex?

I'm trying it, but it's hard. (sometimes it's hard to say goodbye. Especially when they're so nice, just not for you.)

I've had it work, but I think you need that initial break when you break up, otherwise it's too easy to fall back into old patterns.

I am but we went through a 4 year period after the breakup not speaking to each other.

I'm friends with guys/girls that I dated more casually, but IMO it's really difficult to be friends with someone who you had a serious relationship with. It's hard to keep it together when one or the other start dating someone new, in my experience.

Also seconding the other users that it's more easily done if there is a large gap of space between breaking up and trying to be friends.

I agree and it also depends on how the other person handles it as well. Do they use a degree of understanding with you when bringing the new person around you or do they treat you with honesty? It really depends on the couple tbh.

I'm only good friends with 2 exes but we had to wait a while after the breakup and both of us really didn't give a shit about each other's romantics lives anymore.

To a point. After a couple years of no contact, we talked a bit and we make chitchat on facebook sometimes. Thankfully we're not in the same area so we don't have that to worry about anyways. It's not always a bitter split, needless to say.

only one. i was friends with another ex for a long time but there was always tension, and eventually it blew up... he did something i found disrespectful, i said the most vile meanest stuff ever, and he hates me now lol

my ex is one of my best friends. it took some time for us to move past things though. we ended up hooking up for a bit after we broke up (oop) and then he moved to scotland so we decided not to talk for a little bit to kind of help us both move on and then once we both felt like we were over shit, we started to talk again. we both realized we love each other, but not in a romantic way. but now we skype once a week, talk when we can and are legit bffs. it just takes time. i think if you have a mutual breakup, it's doable.

All of them except one. My most recent one and I still hang out all the time and it's not even like we've broken up at all, tbh.

Sporadic contact!

I had an ex from when I was 15 hit me up online, and his gf got sooo jealous (even though we lived ~2000 miles away from one another, and I was certainly no threat [had a bf]). She put a stop to that right quick. :( I get it, but I miss my ex, we got along fabulously and I do love (platonically) and care about him.

I'm friends with the people I dated for shorter amounts of time. The ex I had a pretty serious relationship with - we are definitely not friends. I don't have any contempt for him but it's just better we aren't friends. We tried and it failed hard.

I think it's possible, but I don't like to even try. I was with someone for a year and I broke up with him and didn't talk to him for a year and a half, and then I reached out on his birthday, and we became sort of friends. Like we text every now and then and keep each other updated on life. I like it that way - there is no need for us to delve any further than that.

Nope, but I was never friends with them before.

i am, but we also have a few states of geographical distance between us, so that makes it a lot easier.

I'm trying it again with my ex because we were bffs but we'll see how this works. It's not like I want to talk to him constantly.

Yup. I'm friends with my ex from 5 years ago and trying to be friends with my most recent ex bf. He has a new gf though so that complicates things.

Yeah, and it's been interesting.

One night my boyfriend and I were going bowling with a friend and he said, "Oh, I invited Mike, one of my co-workers. He just started." That's when I realized he was talking about my ex-boyfriend, the same guy who made a pass at me after my current boyfriend and I were moved in together for a couple of years. It made for an awkward evening.

I'm friends, or at least friendly, with most of my exes.

The hilarious thing is that one of my best friends and I dated a decade ago, didn't work out, and then became friends. We're still pretty close. Her new gf is seriously, seriously not okay with it. And I'm happily married. Plus: A DECADE AGO.


I tried it with my ex (I was still in love with her) , but turns out she was a worse friend than a girlfriend. She started dating someone else and lied to me repeatedly about it.

You should make sure you are completely over them before having a friendship.

i share an apartment with my ex! but there was a period after the break up where we couldn't be friends and i think that was needed. we've been broken up for a few years and roommates for just over a year and it's honestly great. we're bffs and there's no weirdness. our relationship wasn't bad or messy though. had he cheated on me or anything like that went down, it probably wouldn't work out the way it does. we were great friends while we were together, just not meant to be romantically involved.

I wonder if Donnie will still make out with fans during the M&G when NKOTB goes back on tour? It's not like having a girlfriend stops him or anything.

Needs the NKOTB tag.

i'm sure he will
being married doesn't stop brian or aj on the cruise (from what i heard)


There's still hope for me.


Get the fuck over it, Donnie.

It was the best of faves, and the worst of flops, a time of sassy gifs, a time of stunned silence, an epoch of stanning, an epoch of shading, it was the season of the pressed, it was the spring of slaying, it was the winter of 2014, we had all our faves before us, we had naught but flops before us, we were ll going direct to a Beyonce show, we were all going to a Rihanna show.

Remember when she said Jim abandoned HER son after they dated?

I sincerely doubt that Jim Carrey would get back together with Jenny after the way she publicly shamed him over not seeing her son anymore when they split. That was gross on Jenny's part.

Who knows if he still is, but he definitely was supporting it when they were together.

He did support her when they were together, but I haven't heard him say anything about vaccines after they broke up. I hope he's seen sense.

my boyfriend is still good friends with his ex. I don't love it, but I've grown to accept it.

god help him, though, if they ever hooked up behind my back I'd cut both their dicks off.

I'm not friends with any of my serious ex's (though I do have a couple friends where we dated, quickly realized there was no romantic chemistry there, but stayed friends because we had a lot of common interests still). I usually take a scorched earth policy after a breakup and unfriend/follow them on social networking... it's nearly impossible to get over someone while they're still actively in your life, imho.

he's friendly enough. it's a weird dynamic to me just because he's about 20 years older than me (and my boyfriend), so I find it hard to get past feeling like I'm hanging out with my dad sometimes.

Good friends? Start sharpening your knife

Being friends with an ex is dangerous territory. In my experience, it's nearly impossible to backtrack on the intimacy you've shared, which obviously threatens current entanglements. It's also extremelyyyy important to have boundaries with exes. E.g. they can't show up to your house when your s/o isn't there, you shouldn't be talking late into the night when your partner is asleep, common sense stuff like that. It's soooo tricky to shift gears with someone when you have baggage. Protip: Be apart from your ex for at least 1 year, date other people, fully get over them before committing to even seeing them again.

I still occasionally talk to my first boyfriend. There is a certain emotional tension, and it has to do with what I mentioned above. We didn't even speak for 10 years after we broke up...

I think if it was a serious relationship there is no reason to be friends with an ex. There are a million other people in the world that you can find with shared interested. You can never truly get over a committed relationship if you don't cut that person out completely.

Ugh, I love Jim but he severely disappointed me when he hopped on the anti-vaccine bandwagon whilst he was dating Jenny.

I hope to God they don't get back together. I kind of worry that her brand of crazy might spread to medication for mental illness, and Jim doesn't need that in his life.

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