Naya Rivera Addresses Exit Rumors: 'People Take Little Things and Blow Them Up'

Is Naya Rivera‘s Glee swan song imminent?
In the wake of recent rumors that she won’t be a part of the New York City storyline beyond the next episode (airing March 25), TVLine invited the musical dramedy’s vet to set the record straight, at Tuesday night’s 100th episode party in West Hollywood.

“I can say that I have to go out of town tonight for a job, and I have to be back Thursday at noon to go to work on Glee,” Rivera confirmed.
Rivera couldn’t account for the swirling exit rumors, but suggested that they were born of a recent interview costar Lea Michele gave, previewing the show’s new focus for the balance of Season 5. (“It’s New York now,” Rachel’s portrayer told E! Online. “So it’s me and Chris [Colfer] and Darren [Criss] and Chord [Overstreet] and Kevin [McHale].”)
“I guess Lea was doing interviews and had omitted me from the New York cast list, but I’m sure that was just a Freudian slip on her part, or maybe it wasn’t,” Rivera offered. “People just take things, little things, and blow them up. But like I said, I’m reporting for duty Thursday at noon.” (As for anyone’s involvement in the Fox series’ sixth and final season, decisions on that are not expected until late June.)

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