Paris Hilton Wrote ALL Of The Songs On Her #Soon To Be Released New Album!

It’s no secret that Paris Hilton loves music — her songs “Stars Are Blind” and “Nothing in This World,” both released in 2006, are two of the highest peaks to have ever been reached in the history of music.

Late last year, the pulchritudinous business woman released the single “Good Time,” a dance track that features rapper Lil Wayne. “I love Lil Wayne, he’s so talented and he’s such a sweet person. He’s so inspiring to be around and I had so much fun working with him,” she said at a press conference for her newly opened Paris Beach Club in Manila last Thursday.

Paris Hilton has returned to the recording studio to work on a new album, having recorded 20 tracks so far. “I’ve been in Miami the past weeks finishing up the album. I’m so excited for everyone to hear it. We’ve worked very hard on it. I wrote every song on the album. The music is so much fun and people are really gonna enjoy it.”

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Are you excited? omg I am!