Are You The One: Perfect Matches & Dating Deal Breakers


Simone: Fat boys, broke n****s, little penises.
Jessica: Cheaters and liars. Nobody has time for that, especially me.
Ashleigh: Let me look through your phone and find out you're talking to another girl, I will call you out inn the middle of the night I don't care what time it is and I will throw my shit at you until you get the fuck out of my house.
Kayla: Super dominant, has to be the center of attention, think that they're always right, no faith, not a family guy, isn't good with children.
Amber: Ignorance.
Paige: If you smell, it's not gonna work.
Jacy: Hairy chest/hairy penis... Got To Go! And if your breath stink.
Coleysia: If you don't know how to dress a little bit. I can't really deal with bums.
Shanley: I won't tolerate somebody who is irrational because I'm irrational.
Brittany: If you suck in bed. I have a high sex drive and if you are boring/can't please me/we don't have good chemistry... get the fuck out.

Dillan: Somebody who doesn't share my same religious beliefs.
Wesley: Low self-esteem.
Ethan: No manners, can't drive, daddy issues.
Scali: Ugly feet.
Dre: Girls who don't keep their hair nice.
Ryan: Bad hygiene. Down with hippie chicks but she has to be clean.
Joey: When you don't smell good in all types of places.
Chris: Nikes & jeans on an every day basis even when you're going out irks me.
John: Girls who care about dumb shit like the Jonas Brothers.
Adam: Cheaters. I have to be able to trust a girl in a relationship but more importantly, if a girl isn't good in bed... she's out.

MTV’s latest dating reality show Are You the One? puts a spin on The Bachelor with compatibility testing. It's up to 20 people living together in Hawaii to correctly pair up with a romantic match that has been predetermined for them in order to split a $1 million prize between them. How did the show decide these matches? Is this really an indication that these people are meant for each other?

Entertainment Weekly questioned executive producer Tiffany Williams about the process, and it turns out it’s a bit more thorough and complicated than an online dating questionnaire.

The show’s matchmakers are marriage/family therapist and a psychologist who uses holistic therapy to match couples. “The matchmakers got pretty deep into all of the contestants’ past relationship history, so they would do these interviews with the contestants and their family, friends, and exes,” Williams says. “All that information was combined and analyzed.” While they did have numeric data from questionnaires, the matchmakers supplemented this information by watching the contestants interact and lengthy interviews.

Williams also explained how the show was cast: “Casting narrowed down the contestant applications significantly, and then looked to see which ones were perfect matches. The final pool included groups from across a spectrum of relationship experiences and backgrounds.”