'RuPaul' Season 6 Cast: April Carrion's Private Life, Artistic Expression & Abusive Father?

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RuPaul's Drag Race contestant April Carrion's audition tape has been released, and it gives fans an inside look to her artistic lifestyle, as well as her personal life.

The tape, which was released March 14, shows the man behind April, Jason Carrion. Jason gives his background and says he's an art student who also studied fashion design, sculpture and photography. He also explains how these fields helped inspire his drag persona.

"I've always surrounded myself in an artistic ambience...and drag queens caught my attention because they transcend a gender," Carrion said. "And I took it as an inspiration to do art projects like photography, sculpture and even my thesis statement, and one day I decided to take it a little further and experience life as a drag queen myself."

He also said that he was the youngest of three brothers, all of whom are gay. Having three gay sons affected his alcoholic father, who had trouble accepting their sexual orientations.

"For a while, it was hard for my alcoholic dad to accept us," Carrion said. "He would hit and scream at us for not being what society dictates as masculine."

However, things have since improved and his father is now able to embrace his sons as they are.

"Now he's proud of me for giving him the daughter he never had," Carrion joked.

Check out the rest of Carrion's audition tape below.