ONTD Boyfriend Post: Parched Monday Edition + SUGGEST NEW BOYFRIENDS

Idris Elba showed that he's a true sports fan on Saturday as he attended a college basketball conference tournament championship game in Houston, Texas.

Chris Evans impressed in his first outing as Captain America back in 2011 and, judging by the early reaction to Winter Solider, March 26’s sequel, has managed the feat again. But with a further four films on his contract, the 32-year-old admits that he had a "certain apprehension" about working on the Marvel Studios franchise.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Evans said: "There's a certain apprehension initially. When you do movies one at a time, there's a certain level of control you have in your career. “With a six-picture contract, if one of these movies comes out, [and] there's a positive response and as a result your personal life and your level of anonymity is altered. You may potentially need an opportunity to retreat and regroup. And if you have this contract, you may not be afforded that chance," he added.

Ryan Reynolds vists his wife Blake Lively on the set of her new film.

Also, looks like we finally upgraded to iOS7 so we have room for new boyfriends. Suggest who they should be in the comments, give a +1 reply to those you agree with.

The four winners will be chosen unscientifically (aka whoever looks like they have a lot of support will get it) and will be announced whenever I feel like making another one of these posts.

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