No room 4 a fiyah crotch

Kathy Griffin is wishing she could turn back time on her friendship with Cher – to a time when Cher wasn’t BFF’s with Anderson Cooper! The flame-haired comedian is jealous because two of her closest pals have become so tight and such frequent phone buddies that Kathy’s now feeling squeezed out.

“Cher and Anderson have grown closer than two peas in a pod,” a source revealed. “ Although Kathy and Cher have been tight for years, Kathy also shares a special bond with Anderson because of their work together.”

Kathy, 53, an outspoken supporter for gay and lesbian rights, loves to work those New Year’s Eve specials with the 46-year-old openly gay CNN host. Their chemistry is explosively funny.

“For years, Cher and Anderson were merely acquaintances and Kathy, who introduced them, was the common denominator,” the source said. "But all that began to change pretty recently. "Cher and Anderson are finding they also have similar senses of humor and love to share funny stories and laughs.”

According to the source, Kathy may be feeling left out and neglected. “Cher and Anderson are constantly talking on the phone, texting and emailing – and Kathy is green with envy,” the source said. Anderson and Cher, 67, whose Dressed to Kill tour kicks off later this month, have noticed that Kathy’s feelings seem to be hurt and are trying to let her know they haven’t abandoned her.

But the source says that may leave Kathy feeling like a “third wheel” with Cher and Anderson, who has described himself as acting like a “creepy fan girl” around Cher