American Horror Story: Season 4 Location Spoilers

Anthology horror series American Horror Story finally has a setting for its fourth season. One of the show's writers, Douglas Petrie, confirmed rumors surrounding the location of the season during a Nerdist Writers Panel, though not directly.

When Petrie initially said he couldn't share any details, but after Arrow and Castle writer, Moira Kirland, mentioned she heard it'd be set at a carnival, Petrie confirmed it. Sure, it's not an official confirmation from creator Ryan Murphy, but hey—good enough for us. Looks like the Internet was pretty spot-on when everyone began theorizing season four would be set at a circus.

The season doesn't have a title yet, but "American Horror Story: Creepy All Carnival" has a good ring to it, yeah?

As previously reported, the season will take place in 1950, and series star Jessica Lange, according to Murphy, will be playing a "Marlene Dietrich figure," and "has already started practicing her German accent."

Source, Podcast (skip to 33:15)