My Experience at The Neon Lights Tour

I had soundcheck for Demi so I had to be at the venue at 3. Demi has been sick so she cut the soundcheck down to 2 songs. But it doesn't matter because she sounded brilliant! She then answered some fan questions and then soundcheck was over.

Then we got called into a room where the DJ for the Tour, Cole Plante, was playing. We got to take pictures with him and he signed my dollar. Finally it was time for the concert! Collins Key opened the show with some talking and magic and eventually he introduced FIFTH HARMONY!!! Those girls are literal goddesses that know how to work the stage. They all sound amazing in person!

After their set me and the group of people I was with went to where they were doing their M&G with Clean and Clear. While there the girls came up to us and had conversations with us! Possibly the best thing to come out of this was me, Dinah and Normani singing Partition together! Lauren also told me that she loves me.
We went back to our seats just in time for Little Mix, and let me tell you, those girls can SAAANG. They all looked so beautiful and I was completely slayed by their performance.

Now it was time for the true queen Demi Lovato! Throughout her performance she sounded amazing and didn't even sound sick at all! Her set was honestly the best set I have seen her perform. Everything from her voice to the stage was fantastic. She kept the perfect balance between up tempo party songs and deep intimate songs. Her speech before warrior was amazing, and honestly this girl just keeps getting better! I'm so happy I stan for her.

Here's a bonus picture of me meeting Demi in June of 2013!

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