10 Most Criminally Underrated TV Shows

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Harper's Island (2009)
A destination wedding is besieged by a killer and guests are picked off one by one on this totally ludicrous (Harry Hamlin gets chopped in half!) but immensely entertaining thriller. Starring Christopher Gorham and Katie Cassidy as the beleaguered betrothed, Harper's was the demented love child of The Proposal and Friday the 13th.

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Peep Show (2003–present)
This riotous British comedy about two incongruous flatmates in South London comes with a unique conceit: The viewer literally sees everything from the characters' perspectives. While that may sound gimmicky, Peep Show is anything but; the first-person vantage points cunningly bring to life that old saying about hell being other people.

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Borgen (2010–present)
Sort of like a Danish West Wing — except with less Sorkinian idealism and more ''⊘''s — Borgen explores the tribulations of Denmark's (fictional) first female prime minister. Don't wait until the inevitable American remake to start bingeing.

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Call the Midwife (2012–present)
The BBC series follows a group of midwives laboring in London's impoverished East End during the 1950s. Though it may not deliver the opulence of other British period pieces (ahem, Downton Abbey), Midwife is still a sweet bundle of joy.

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