Guess Who Post - The Time I Met One of ONTD's Heroes (and it was glorious)

Guess who I met saturday evening!!!!



My friend is the one on the far left, her friend is in the middle and I am on the far right.

So the Magic Lantern Theatre on Carlton Street here in good old Toronto had a screening of The Room.  Tommy Wiseau was working the line up before the movie trying to sell his merchandise. Then he and Greg played football with some of the people in the line. He was so ridiculous and amazing. He had three belts on. I mean his outfit was just magical.   Greg is super tall and nice and kind of awkward. I told him I loved the book and couldn't put it down. He had also told my friend earlier that in addition to James Franco buying the rights to the movie, there may be a musical in the works based on his book.

We had to buy merchandise in order to get a picture and my friend's friend was kind enough to allow me in picture (my friend and her crew already got another picture earlier; my friends and I had decided not to buy anything). Tommy decided to direct everyone as to where they should stand. He turns to me and says "YOU STAND OVER HERE NEXT TO ME, BEAUTIFUL" and I was like well fuck that didn't go how I expected... I wanted to stand next to Greg! So I stand next to Tommy and when I go to put my arm around his shoulders, I accidentally touched his hair... I can now confirm what you can already see - the man has a lot of product in his hair and it feels really crusty.

So after we had our picture taken, apparently Tommy shook the other girls hands. I didn't notice because the next group stepped up so in order to get out of their way I duck behind them. Then I hear Tommy shout "SHE IS RUNNING AWAY FROM MEEEE! SHE DOESN'T WANT TO BE NEAR MEE! COME BACK!" and I was like omg wtf, help. So I turn around and he walks up to me saying something along the lines of "I'M HANDICAPPED, I AM HANDICAPPED!" or something, I don't even know you guys, the whole thing was surreal. Then he is saying something and he has his hand outstretched and I'm standing there thinking "do you want me to shake your hand or...? What the hell is going on? You're tearing me apart Tommy!" So I shake his hand and he says something like I WAS JUST JOKING! About what, I don't know, I guess the handicapped part?   Anyway I ran to the theatre and told my bff what happened and she said that Tommy tried to make me his brown Lisa and I was like NOOO YOU'RE TEARING ME APART! DON'T SAY THAT!

Other highlights include:

- Tommy bringing onstage all the people who bought the Tommy Wiseau underwear and blessing them
- Tommy shouting DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT JAMES FRANCO when Greg was asked about the movie adaptation
- Tommy confirming that he is in fact a vampire and will be happy to demonstrate to the woman who asked him the question
- Tommy comparing himself to Orson Welles
- The doggie (although according to Tommy it should be spelled dogeee) may still be alive and well, he was kind of vague
- He only 50% liked Greg's book
- He had a conflict of interest with Peter the psychologist and he said that Greg had a different take on the situation which was Peter was a terrible psychologist
- One of my friend's friend asked what the symbolism was behind the guys playing football in their tuxedos and his answer was something along the lines of "IT'S AMERICA AND THEY WEAR TUXEDOS AND PLAY FOOTBALL... SO WHAT?!?!" then she asked him later on about his inspiration for the room and he said he inspires himself and then he made that orson welles comparison for some reason

And that is all I can remember! It was a great night full of flying spoons and amazing commentary.  This is my first post so if the layout is ridiculous or the cut doesn't work (it worked in my personal lj), I apologize I am kind of internet stupid.