Marriage Boot Camp: Shaun Upset Show Leaked Secret Porn Past

Shaun Sulligan, the hubby from "Marriage Boot Camp" with a porn past, is pissed that the show leaked his XXX work in a desperate attempt to drum up ratings.

Sulligan shot two scenes for a gay website called "Straight Guys for Gay Eyes." The scenes were shot in 2009 and included one sex scene with a woman and one solo masturbation scene. The sex scene is shot POV on him, not the chick.

Sulligan says he deeply regrets doing the videos, and only did it because he was homeless and living in his car at the time. He says he would NEVER do anything like it again.

Sulligan and his wife Sofia are particularly pissed off at the show for leaking the story because they say it was never brought up during filming and it was never an issue between them.

The couple says they are seriously considering skipping the reunion show ... unless the show writes them a big check.