‘Arrow’ Meets Teen Titans: Nightwing and Deathstroke’s Son Jericho Rumors

Arrow is expanding deeper and deeper into the world of DC comics each and every week. Whether it is a reference to The Blue Beetle or a full appearance from The Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey, 'Arrow’s' roster has quite the range. Now that Ollie’s old island buddy Slade Wilson has shown his darker side as Deathstroke, his son Jericho might be coming to Starling City. Now The Green Arrow might need a little help from Nightwing. Could the Teen Titans be the next team to show up?

There was no new episode of Arrow on this week, but Stephen Amell made up for it by holding a Q and A with fans during the repeat episode. Amell addressed the rumors that Nightwing was going to be showing up on the series sometime in the near future, claiming:

“You gotta love the internet. should start tweeting Shonda Rhimes that I want to play Kerry Washington’s long lost brother on Scandal just to see how quickly the rumor will take hold.”

Amell was, of course, referring to Steven McQueen, tweeting about wanting to play Dick Grayson on the show. McQueen made no secret of his ambitions when he wrote the following tweets:

“Nightwing training @ARROWwriters @GBerlanti @KyleDHiggins @RapaportCasting.”
“Had some superhero conversations with the executives this weekend @ARROWwriters.”

Nightwing’s arch enemy is of course none other than Deathstroke himself.

During a recent Ask Ausiello Q and A column on TV Line, the subject of Slade Wilson’s son, Joe “Jericho” Wilson appearing on Arrow, to which the columnist answered:

“Though Joe has only been alluded to on occasion on the CW series, Manu Bennett mentions that relationship when discussing why Slade took Shado’s death so hard. ‘You have to remember, Slade Wilson has also got an ex-partnership and a son out in the world there somewhere. And the son’s potentially got siblings in some scenario that hasn’t yet evolved into the storyline,’ he says. ‘People have to think about more than the layers of what is being shown in each episode. They have to find clues in the DC Comics history, to maybe even piece together more of what Slade is festering upon.’


Do people really care about Joe? If we get a Slade offspring I want Rose!