Guess Who I Met!

Demi Lovato!

I had VIP for her show on the 13th at the Palace of Auburn Hills. After waiting in the cold for 2 hours, we were finally let in to the venue. The entire day they were running late, so meet and greet was first. Everything was sadly even more rushed than normal, so I had only a few seconds with her. I basically screamed "HI!" at her and ended up asking for a hug picture which she responded to "of course!" with, but I was honestly too afraid to move. I walked out and yelled "bye!" again and she said see you later, and she was just super sweet. She is also SO BEAUTIFUL, like she has 0 pores on her face and she's just flawless.

I didn't get many pictures at the concert, so here are some pictures and a video from my soundcheck:

AND here's a decent picture I got of Little Mix for all the amazing fellow stans ♥

thanks for readin my thrilling post