Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Discusses Half Of A Yellow Sun (film), Beyonce, Americanah and Lupita

00:00 - intro - Americanah was named as one of the top 10 books of 2013 by the new york times. There were queues round the block at her last book reading.
00:30 - she is still surprised there are people at her readings.
01:06 - Presenter lists the numerous awards Chimamanda has won.
01:21 - she doesn't write for the prizes. The biggest prize is touching people. Prizes are subjective and can be political.
02:00 - success at a young age - she defines success from the inside not the outside. Prizes and success are great, but she would write regardless.
02:42 - she doesn't feel the pressure to top her previous works.
03:26 - Beyonce - she thinks it is great that the song is leading people to talk about gender.
03:56 - How did the sampling come about? (Chimamanda asks to move on from the topic.)
04:22 - Feminism and the stigma attached to it - People use the extreme cases of feminism to represent the whole. Feminism is about equality not hating men. There are people hostile to feminism because they want to keep things as they are.
05:25 - changing perceptions of the word. In 50 years it would be word both men and women would feel differently about it.
05:39 - on being an "happy, African, feminist who likes lipgloss and heels"
06:00 - People would often say feminism is not african as a way of silencing women.
06:31 - Tedtalk - she had no idea it would have such an impact. She knows feminism is not popular, but she wanted to talk about what she liked. Her brother and her friend made her give the talk. People kept asking her to come back to Ted after the popularity of "danger of a single story".
07:45 - dressing down to be taken seriously. She wrote an article for Elle about it. Read here.

00:00 - Half Of A Yellow Sun (film) - she liked the film. If she didn't like it she won't talk about it. (see for reference her refusal to get into conversation about Beyonce)
01:41 - Praises the cast
02:03 - Half Of A Yellow Sun (book) - People thought it was a bad idea to write about the Biafran war. Countries have parts of their history that makes that uncomfortable so they hide it.
04:34 - Film opening. she is attending both the UK and Nigerian premier. She wasn't involved in the film. She didn't write it expecting a film to be made about it.
05:18 - African Actors - 2013 was a great year for African Actors. The world is filnally realising their immense talent. She thinks Chiwetel is one of the most talented actors working today.
06:06 - Lupita - She talks around Lupita possibly starting in Americanah.
06:31 - Lupita was a very early fan of the book. And before she won an oscar, Lupita wrote her a long passionate email about the book.
07:17 - Discussing Americanah - she wrote the book she wanted to write.
08:13 - She refuses to talk about her work in progress cos she is superstitious.

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Her hair is giving me life. I need to copy that style at some point. I've heard rumblings that she isn't a fan of the beyonce situation and this pretty much confirms it for me.