Celebrity food post

Pics of celebs and their food/drinks from the past couple weeks:

The Rock eats this stack of pancakes:
Oprah picks vegetables for dinner:

Makes blanched and roasted cauliflower:

Drew Barrymore learning to cook at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa:

Learning to make ravioli from scratch:

Kelly Rowland has a cooking class:

Bonnie Wright eating leaves:

Also this:

2 Chainz has curry tilapia and herbed rice for dinner:

Has this for brunch:

Has skrimp:

Has lobster and skrimp scampi:

Pancakes, eggs, and fruit:

Buttermilk fried chicken breast, braised brussels with turkey bacon, baby yukon golds potatoes, and mushroom pan gravy:

Tilapia fingers and fried skrimp:

Lobster, scallops, and carrots:

Tony Hawk has some cake:

Eating "the most flavorful food" he's "ever had" at a restaurant called Attica:

Mindy Kaling eating sushi and having a drink:

Sprinkles cupcakes:

Eats Godiva while memorizing lines:

Champagne, caviar, and Cadbury creme eggs:

Jessica Alba having Japanese bbq:

Breakfast in Paris:

Tea in Paris:

Aziz Ansari fresh fusilli with zucchini, squash, tomato, and mushrooms, topped with parm reggiano:

Has chicken, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese:

Nicky Hilton drinking coconut water:

Eats a cupcake on her "cheat day:"

Avril has chocolate strawberries:
Having more sweets in Japan:

Lupita Nyong'o and her birthday cake:

Janelle Monae has spinach and salmon salad with raisins and croutons:

Uzo Aduba has brunch with friend:

Hilary Duff makes chicken noodle soup for her son:

Lorde eating wasabi-flavored nori sheets:

Lauren Conrad making breakfast:

Pineapple blossoms and lemon leaves:

Drinks pink lemonade:
Emma Roberts has piece of cake:

Ludacris has all this stuff:

Nina Dobrev eating pizza with friends:

Eva Longoria making a grilled cheese sandwich:

Kerry Washington eating gluten-free pizza at Oscars:
Ellie Goulding has peanut butter acai bowl with hemp granola and almond milk:

Emmy Rossum has an egg and bacon burger at SXSW:

Dane Cook has this:

Jamie Spears eating in Louisiana: