Ariana Grande gets a new tattoo!

Ariana Grande, 20, got a new tattoo! She posted a photo on her Instagram on March 13, getting some fresh ink on the back of her neck. For this actress, singer and songwriter, this is not her first tattoo. She first started with a heart tattoo on her foot to represent her album — she has a song named “Heart Tattoo.” There is a little saying on her neck – what could it say? We want to know!

For Ariana’s second tattoo, she went with something that you can see more often than her first one. There is a little saying that goes across the back of her neck that truly looks amazing on her!

The tattoo seems to say “Mille Tendresse.” This is a French phrase meaning “a thousand tendernesses,” which was in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Ariana posted two photos on Instagram, writing: “@romeolacoste is amazing” and “not exactly the easiest spot to get a photo of on your own but nonetheless I am very happy. thank you again @romeolacoste”. Romeo Lacoste, an L.A. based tattoo artist who was on season 3 of Best Ink, did the work on Ariana!