Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Captain Hook and Blackbeard to Battle!

If you were wondering how Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) spent his year in Fairy Tale Land before getting cursed back to Storybrooke with the rest of the gang, you’re not alone. Now that we’ve finally been welcomed back to Season 3 of Upon a Time, we’ll begin to discover what went on in the interim — even though nobody seems to remember!
According to TV Guide, Hook’s missing year includes a battle with Blackbeard (played by Charles Mesure), one of the most infamous pirates of all time. Why are the two dastardly dudes facing off? Blackbeard has his eye on the Jolly Roger, which makes sense considering how Hook said it was floating around somewhere.

“He and Captain Hook do not have a lot of love for each other," co-executive producer Eddy Kitsis tells the site. "The only thing two pirates would fight over even more than a woman would be a ship."
So we know that the pirates won’t be fighting over booty (literally), but as for the sickest ride of the seven seas? You betcha.
Also down the hatchet for Hook? An entire episode decoding the mysterious message that made Hook decide to seek out Emma (Jennifer Morrison). We’ll bet you a million bucks that this will all take place in Season 3, Episode 17, considering it’s titled “The Jolly Roger.”

sounds... almost interesting? what a step up.