Video Game Post 2014.9

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1. Yoshi's New Island Review


By the time I was done with Yoshi's New Island, I was mimicking the cutesy sound effects — they had so successfully wormed their way into my brain — and looking forward to the chance to perfect earlier stages. Yoshi's New Island won me over early, and it kept me going even when I started to suffer from a touch of platformer fatigue. Its sense of humor and experimental streak keep the game fresh throughout, and allow Yoshi to stand apart, even in a crowded season for Nintendo's core properties. There's always room for cute — especially when it's this smart.

7.5 out of 10


2. Worst Mega Drive/Genesis Games

3. Firewatch Preview

We now know the first game coming from the collective of (mostly) veteran developers that is Campo Santo, and that game is called Firewatch.

The game's announcement describes Firewatch as "first-person video game where you, as a man named Henry, explore the Wyoming wilderness after taking a summer job as a fire lookout." Obviously, there's much more to the story, and something draws Henry away from his post. His only line of communication is with his boss, Delilah, on the other end of a handheld radio.


4. An Inside look at Infamous: Second Son's Morality System

"We looked into ways of offering ambiguity--of having morally gray decisions--but because we're sort of a comic book game, people don't want to play a meandering, middle-of-the-road kind of hero (or villain)," continued Griesemer. "Once you decided you were going to be good or evil, you didn't really have to think about it or even look at the options any more. We've since realized we're never going to get someone to evaluate every single moral choice based on context and story if there are powers involved, because people will gravitate to what gives them the best powers."


5. PS4 Leads Hardware Sales in Feb by a Narrow Margin

For overall console sales, the NPD reports, “PS4 led hardware sales in February 2014, but by a narrow margin with Xbox One selling over 90% of what the PS4 sold in terms of unit sales. However, with Xbox One’s higher price point it led hardware sales on a dollar basis.”


6. Pay What you Want for Sega Game Bundle

This week's Humble Weekly Sale is tailored around Sega titles, allowing users to pay what they want for a suite of games old and new. Pay $1 or more and you'll get Obsidian Entertainment's role-playing game Alpha Protocol, strategy games Company of Heroes and Rome: Total War, and platformer Hell Yeah!: Wrath of the Dead Rabbit.


7. Resident Evil Vs. Luigi's Mansion

8. Terrible Creepy Pasta

9. The Worst Game Ever Made

10. XBox One Controller Works with PC

Despite earlier claims that Xbox One controllers would be incompatible with Windows PC, Microsoft's director of product management Albert Penello confirmed the controllers will work with Windows PC games.


11. Sim City Offline Mode Coming Soon

SimCity's long-awaited Offline Mode should be arriving shortly, as the update is apparently in "final testing".

A tweet from the game's account reads, "Update 10 is in final testing. Almost there Mayors."


12. Rainbow Road Recipe

4 oz. Orange juice
½ oz. Gin
⅓ oz. Grenadine
⅓ oz. Rum
3 oz. Vodka
2 splashes Blue Curacao

Directions: Mix orange juice and gin together and pour them into the glass. Then, stir the rum and grenadine together and pour it slowly down the side of the glass - it should settle at the bottom, turning the bottom red and the area immediately above it orange. Mix the vodka and blue Curacao together and then layer it on top of the orange juice. The top should remain blue, but some should settle down to create a green layer. Like Super Mario Kart's toughest course, this drink may be difficult to finish.