'I plan to be at the casino when she's giving birth': SNL funny man Kenan Thompson reveals

Funny man Kenan Thompson says he plans to be 'at the casino' when wife Christina Evangeline gives birth to the couple's first child in July. Sitting down with former Saturday Night Live buddy Seth Meyers on his new Late Night talk show on March 7, the comedian admitted he is 'terrified' at the prospect of being a father - though he did sound quite chuffed with his new moniker.'I'm about to be a daddy. That's right, Papa Kenan!' he proudly announced a little more than one month after revealing that his wife of two years was already four months along.

Asked if he's had time to get used to the idea of impending parenthood and is ready for what that entails, the 35-year-old gave a typically good-humoured response.'I am terrified. I don't know what to do with babies. Like, do you feed it and, like, put it away or something?' But it seems he's no more comfortable with the actual delivery itself.
'I plan to be, like, at the casino or something when she's giving birth - just kind of like old-school it a little bit,' he said.'That's what's freaking me out the most,' he continued. 'Because a guy's doctor visit is kinda, you know, straightforward - just a little cough, a little touch here, a little ear, nose and throat. But women - that's an intricate type situation.'Turning to the audience, he earnestly said: 'You guys go through a lot. I applaud you.

'It's weird to see somebody treat your lady like that,' he added to his pal, who found the whole thing particularly humorous.