Neil Patrick Harris Loves That 'Women Still Want To Marry Me'

NPH's female fans could care less the actor is gay.

Neil Patrick Harris has portrayed the lovable lothario Barney Stinson for nine seasons on How I Met Your Mother that his female fans may forget the actor himself plays for the other team.

Neil met his partner David Burtka two years prior to coming out in 2006, and the couple will soon move into their New York City home raising their twin son and daughter, Gideon Scott and Harper Grace.


Yet the smooth-talking qualities of Barney and Neil’s family man nature keep attracting women despite no real chance of a future together.

“I’ve found that a lot of girls have no issue with me being gay,” Neil told Out magazine. “They still want to marry me. And I love that.”

Hey, a girl can dream.

The multi-talented performer will share almost nothing in common with his TV sitcom character in his next project on Broadway in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Neil will star as Hedwig, the fictional “East German transgender glam rock singer” who struggles with his identity after a botched sex change.

Not sure who will come knocking on Neil’s door after that performance.

The Broadway vet has surprised audiences before, like when he lampooned his other beloved character Doogie Howser in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle and its subsequent movies.

Gay or straight, audiences still love Neil and that’s working out quite well for him.

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If you could hook up with any gay actor or actress, which would you choose?