Look how happy Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are to be reunited at Need For Speed premiere


Breaking Bad co-stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have been reunited on the red carpet for Need For Speed.

Cranston, who is currently starring on Broadway in All The Way, rushed to make it to the premiere after the show last night.

The actor was still sporting the grey-coloured hair he has for the role of ex-US President Lyndon Baines Johnson.


But Cranston looked thrilled to see his former co-star, who was promoting his new film Need For Speed in New York, with the pair embracing warmly.

Aaron told The Hollywood Reporter of the new movie: ‘I didn’t even want to read the script. I saw the script and was like, “Oh, no, another video-game movie…” So it took everything in me to read the first page.

'And once I turned the first page, I kept turning. I was so surprised that it had a great human story behind it and great characters that I found myself instantly invested in.’

Need For Speed is out today in UK cinemas.