Super fan: I lost half my bodyweight so Justin Bieber would notice me, but he's yet to tweet me back

A Justin Bieber superfan has lost more than eight stone in a bid to make her pop star idol notice her.

Now weighing in at 10.5 stone Bryanna Debinder, 20, shed an incredible 122 lbs in just a year after becoming jealous of the slim girls who were pulled on stage by Bieber during his concerts.
She vowed to lose weight and embarked on a diet that has seen her almost half her 19-stone frame.

'Every time I saw him pull up a pretty, slim girl on stage, I just thought: 'that should be me',' said Bryanna, of Temple, near Reading, Pennsylvania.

'Everyone deserves a chance to be noticed by the person they love, and I'm his biggest fan.
'I just wanted to be the girl he sang to.'

The Penn State University psychology student's obsession with Bieber, also 20, began when she saw him on MTV in 2009.
As the then clean-cut pop star crooned to his platinum-selling single 'One Time', Bryanna fell in love and there began an obsession that would change her life.

Soon her room was filled with Justin Bieber memorabilia, including posters, dolls, duct tape and even a Justin Bieber shower curtain.
She bought his signature scents, Someday and The Key so she could smell like her idol at all times.
And she kept up-to-date on all of his concerts and appearances.

Bryanna spent hours messaging him on Twitter, feeling a pang of jealousy when he replied to other girls' tweets.
'It did hurt my feelings,' said Bryanna, who has never had a boyfriend.
'But I understood. After all, he has 50 million followers, and gets thousands of tweets per day.
'All of these beautiful girls are messaging him. He would never have noticed me.'

Bryanna had struggled with her weight since the age of nine, when she was bullied at school for her size.
Unable to stop eating fatty foods such as pizza, cookies and ice-cream, Bryanna saw her weight soar to 19-stone while at high school.

She suffered cruel taunts about her weight, including from a family member who told her that she was obese.
But after meeting Justin briefly during a radio contest, Bryanna knew she had to change her ways.
'He is my absolute dream boyfriend,' she said. 'He is so gorgeous.
'I had everything planned in my head. I was going to tell him: 'Thank you so much. I'll always be there for you, and I love you.'
'But there were so many people there, and I never got to speak to him properly.
'He didn't even notice me.

'After that, I'd watch his concerts and wish I could be the girl he pulls on stage.Then I'd finally have a chance to tell him.'
So, Bryanna cut out all of the junk food from her diet, and instead filled her fridge with fruit and vegetables.
She also watched YouTube exercise videos and did sit-ups at home.

In just 12 months, she lost an impressive 122lbs and has dropped seven dress sizes to a UK size 8.
Now, instead of hiding away in size-XL hoodies and jeans, Bryanna likes to show off her figure in dresses.
And she says she owes her new life to Bieber.
'I just want to let him know that he inspired me to lose all this weight,' Bryanna said.
'He has always been there for me, and his lyrics mean so much to me.
'In fact, I'm planning to get the lyrics to 'Be Alright' tattooed on my back.

'He's the biggest star in the world, but he's really made me feel like I'm part of his life.
'I just wish he'd Tweet me back, though.'

And Justin Bieber has Bryanna's full support when it comes to his recent legal issues, too.
The Canadian heartthrob was arrested in January 2014 on suspicion of driving under the influence, and later that month was charged with assaulting a limousine driver in December 2013.

Earlier this week, the crooner was mocked after mixing up the words 'detrimental' and 'instrumental' whilst talking about the role of YouTube in his career.
'Some people just love to twist the actions of others,' said Bryanna.
'Justin is a good person, and me and all of his Beliebers know that.
'Everyone needs to give him a break. He is just misunderstood.'

bieber is so inspirational. i'm sure he could inspire loads of ontd users