The GoT cast gives advice to their characters.

Some highlights:

Peter: My one piece of advice for my character is to drink far less wine. Or, in some instances, maybe a little more.

Kit: Smile more. But then I would probably give that same advice to myself, maybe. (this self-aware prince <3)

Sophie: Don't trust creepy old men.

Maisie: If you wanted to get home, then to keep your mouth shut a bit more.

Jack: Perhaps listen to his new wife. And start, you know, taking social welfare more seriously.

Gwendoline: To embrace her femininity, and find the full strength in that. (omg fave <3)

Emilia: Trust yourself... And also fireproof your clothes.

Aidan: Keep shady. Don't mind what they're saying about you. Stick with it.

Lol @ "keep shady." What advice would you give to your faves, House ONTD?
ETA: So the vid isn't loading here, but it seems to be working fine on Youtube. Youtube's embedding is being weird rn.