The 20-something actresses holding their own in cinema

With the rise of young adult cinema and the cinematic rise of young stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone, there finally seems to be a place for young women in cinema to play something other than the damsel in distress or love interest there to simply provide eye candy.

Here are some of our favourite 20-something women holding their own in the world of cinema at the moment. Who’s yours?

Emma Watson (23)
The Harry Potter star has left the franchise behind, gone to university in America and selected some much lower key roles in films including My Week With Marilyn, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and this year’s Noah.
She clearly has a wise head on her shoulders, beyond her 23 years, thanks largely to being in the business for so long already! Whatever role she chooses to take on next, we will no doubt enjoy watching what she makes of it. Though I adored her as Hermione Granger, smart choices have meant that people can see beyond Harry Potter and appreciate the talented actress behind it all.

Mia Wasikowska (24)
Having played the lead in Alice in Wonderland, Wasikowska has proven her skills over and over with a touching portrayal of the infamous literary heroine Jane Eyre and, more recently, a chilling and captivating performance in Stoker which was so dark it saw many take notice of the young star.
She will soon be seen in Tracks, a film based on the true story of trekker Robyn Davidson who crossed the deserts of Western Australia. The role is a far cry from her earlier ‘nicer’ roles and will no doubt show yet more of what this talented actress still has to offer.

Emma Stone (25)
Feisty redhead Emma Stone burst onto the scene back in 2007 as she bounced into life as Jonah Hill’s love interest in the hilarious comedy Superbad, and has never looked back since. Continuing in her comedic roots, Stone moved on to the likes of Zombieland, Easy A and The House Bunny, proving she was destined for bigger things.
Progressing with each role she took on, Stone then provided audiences with a sparkling performance in the much-coveted The Help, yet again showing that she was one young woman with a grit and determination in her acting that shone on-screen. Last year, Stone went on to forge one of the most gritty and independent superhero damsels in some time as her version of Gwen Stacy ripped up the rule book and showed that damsels in distress are so yesterday. Looking to do that once again this year, Stone seems destined for historical status as one of the biggest female stars out there today.

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