Watch: Guardians of the Galaxy Q&A with Chris Pratt, James Gunn and Kevin Feige

- Director James Gunn really didn't want Chris Pratt ("the chubby guy from Parks and Rec? no way.") and refused to see him audition several times.

- They chose Bradley Cooper to voice Rocket because he brought heart and soul to the character rme he should have a cockney accent like in the comics bye

- Rocket isn't just 'Bugs Bunny tossed in the middle of The Avengers'

- Cosmo, a talking dog with a Russian accent who helps the Guardians from their HQ is heavily implied to be in the movie YASSSSS

- Sequels might happen, with more Guardians being added, but for now they're considering this a stand-alone film.

- Starhawk from the 1969 team might be added if there were sequels, Bug from the reboot team was cut from the lineup.

- 99% of this movie will take place in space, mid-credits scene on earth?

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