Mariah Carey Picture Post

Fresh ocean breeze #momentsdahhhling

Mariah's new album will be released in exactly one month. So what has the World's Best-Selling Female Music Artist been up to? What any diva and doting mom does: having tropical #moments and spending time with her twin toddlers. Behind the glam and hand choreography, Mariah's pictures reveal a woman who has learned to balance work with family.

Dembabies living for that water! #YoureMineEternal

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Lambily, #YoureMineEternal ❤️ Thank you for all the nice messages and eternal support. Love always, MC #L4L 😘

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taking a nap (photo sneakingly taken by @kristoferbuckle)

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"mommy Roe Roe wanna sing mommy!" Ms. Monroe just can't stay away from momma's mic.. No matter where we are!

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Pon de makeshift studio..pjs at work,not festive slippers at all!

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On a quick break while singTing ♥♥ #YoureMineEternal

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RoeRoe & Mommy braid extravaganza!

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