Noah featurette + a bunch of photos w/ Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly & Logan Lerman

A featurette on the practical ark set built for Darren Aronofsky's Noah and a wave of new photos have been released. The featurette really makes the immense scale of the project hit home, and features some new footage from the film and interviews with the cast. The photos show the film's stars Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Anthony Hopkins, Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth. Noah doesn't appear to be your grandma's Bible flick.

Is anyone else excited for this? I really am, and I'm annoyed that the controversies surrounding this film are getting more attention than the film itself.

 photo noah-douglas-booth-emma-watson_zps7d59becf.jpg
 photo noah1_zps36ea7835.jpg
 photo noah-darren-aronofsky-anthony-hopkins_zps9dfdbab4.jpg
 photo noah-douglas-booth-emma-watson2_zps215f7d35.jpg
 photo noah-russell-crowe1_zps5750dc35.jpg
 photo connelly_zpsbca5c167.jpg
 photo noah-douglas-booth_zpsc16a8daf.jpg
 photo noah3_zps583f384a.jpg
 photo noah-emma-watson_zps8b237f4b.jpg
 photo n-17924_zps63eb3eb6.jpg

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