Guess Who I Met Last Night!


She came to my university last night giving a great speech on lgbtq/race/gender rights, and there was a meet and greet right after. We were the one of the last ones to meet her before they cut off the rest of the line, so they were rushing us and we didn't have much time to talk but Laverne was so stunning and amazing. I am pretty sure she is going to a lot of universities at the moment doing for her "Ain't I a Woman" event, so you all need to go see her asap if she is doing a speech near where you live!

Also I felt like ONTD would enjoy this part: during the Q&A somebody asked Laverne how she felt about Jared Leto winning the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. She said that she really enjoyed the movie Dallas Buyers Club including Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto's performances but she felt like it was a missed opportunity when it comes to Jared Leto not including transgender issues in his speech.

And since we are talking about Laverne Cox I am just going to plug this in too while we're at it.

This is my first guess who post, so hopefully I did it right haha.