Emma Watson & Joseph Gordon-Levitt are the internet's new OTP

The Oscars may be over and done but the hype from the 86th Academy Awards are still fresh on everyone's minds especially that of presenters Joseph Gordon Levitt and Emma Watson. The two adorable stars created quite the frenzy on the web after their swoon-worthy stunt on the Oscar stage. Thanks to that, fans are demanding that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emma Watson should be a couple. Or star in a rom-com together. Or star in a rom-com together and then become a couple.

The pair took the stage Sunday night (March 2) to present the award for Best Visual Effects but, at that point, the only visual effect anyone was taking note of was how good they looked together.

Redbook Magazine quipped, "If Twitter has anything to say about it, Emma Watson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be betrothed by the end of the #Oscars telecast."

How much did we all start shipping Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emma Watson when they walked out onstage together and he did his cute little chivalric bow?

This much:

E! News did a blow by blow account of the JGL & Emma moments, Stylecaster even listed down 10 Reasons Why Emma Watson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Would Make the Best Couple Ever, and Buzzfeed can just imagine the wedding bells

Although the two are dating other people, hope still springs eternal — and a goofy photo of the pair that Gordon-Levitt shared to Facebook is helping it stay alive.

SOURCE E!News MTV Twitter DailyDot