ONTD Original: OSCAR BEEF - McQueen vs Ridley

What's going on between screenwriter John Ridley and director Steve McQueen? When Ridley won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay tonight, he pointedly ignored McQueen, instead choosing to hug former collaborator and total asshole David O. Russell. During his speech, he singled out producer Brad Pitt but did not mention McQueen by name.

McQueen, in turn, gave an exaggerated, ironic slow clap when Ridley's name was announced. When his film won Best Picture, McQueen hugged most of the people around him, but not Ridley, and did not include Ridley amongst the people he thanked.

So what happened? According to Matthew Belloni, of the Hollywood Reporter, that's what everyone wants to know:

So far, this is the most popular theory:

The Daily Show's Larry Wilmore seems to think this tension has been going on for months:

Surprising that none of the 50 million entertainment reporters covering these events picked up on this situation before now.

ETA: The video I've posted doesn't show the sarcastic clapping. Here is a link to a vine that does: https://vine.co/v/MA7p2dXp7qe

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