The Following: 10 (5) spoilers from the intense, game-changing 'Sacrifice'

"The Following" Season 2 has ramped up the intensity with each passing episode, but believe us when we say you haven't seen anything yet. Monday (March 3) night's episode "Sacrifice" marks the halfway point of the sophomore season, and when the final moments air, nothing will ever be the same. Zap2it watched the episode early, and because we know how excruciating the wait can be in between episodes, here are 10 spoilers from the epic, intense, game-changing episode to hold you over until it airs:

9. Thanks to Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) and Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon), Lily Grey (Connie Nielsen) has lost most of her psychopath family after carefully cultivating it for years. She's gone off the rails in grief, but the way in which she seeks revenge is not how you'd expect. It's even worse.

6. While Ryan and Mike are working to save Max, Joe takes Emma (Valorie Curry) and Mandy (Tiffany Boone) to hide out in a militaristic, ritualistic cult. You though Joe's followers were a weird bunch? They've got nothing on this dangerous, bizarre new group. For once, Joe has no power, and it's strange to see him with absolutely no control over the situation.

5. In fact, one of the three -- Joe, Emma or Mandy -- might not make it through the hour alive.

4. We'll finally get a closer look at what Mike's been going through the past year, and it's worse than he's been letting on. "Sacrifice" is one of Ashmore's best episodes yet. (praise the Lord!)

1. The final scene is so intense, so emotional and so devastating, that it's not an exaggeration to say that everything is going to change going forward. Spoiler! Just when you think everything's going to be okay, tragedy strikes. Have tissues at the ready, because you will be sobbing, guaranteed.

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So it's gonna start sucking again for the sake of ~shock value? It sure sounds like it.