☆Jennifer Lawrence☆ And Nicholas Hoult Threatened By 'Joshifer'?

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult appear to have a smooth-sailing relationship but is it being threatened by the successful tandem of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark? Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson's chemistry is undeniable, which is why they recently nabbed the Best Actress and Best Actor awards at the 2014 PopCrush Fan Choice Awards.

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson's dating chemistry onscreen even earned them the name 'Joshifer'. In the 'Catching Fire' DVD, the actor talked about his relationship with Hoult's lady love.

"Jennifer and I have a friendship that's unparalleled with any other actor I've ever met before. It's special, unique. We're both very comfortable acting like crazy people," he said.

In an interview with MTV, the 'American Hustle' actress likewise praised her co-star: "Josh is my rock. He's like a 100-year-old wise, old man. I love Josh. He's like, a genius-genius."

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