Epic VG , TV , and Film Remixes / Covers : An ONTD Original

Everybody has a favorite movie score , character theme , or tv opening song right ?

Well this is one of those posts where once again you may want to break out a pen and paper or bookmark some of the following youtube videos of truly well done covers / remixes of some memorable theme songs in the gaming , television , and film world.

1. Air Man ( Mega Man 2 / Rockman World 2 )

Fans often complained about the brand new themes in this Gameboy port of Mega Man 2 being to high pitch and hard on the ears , but this fella delivered an incredible remix for all to enjoy.

2. Home ( The Wiz )

Manny Garcia slays the shit out of " Home " , go ahead with your Steve from Blue's Clues tease brother.

3. Sonic The Hedgehog Acoustic Medley

If you have 8 minutes to spare I highly recommend listening to this medley in it's entirety . The SuperGuitarBros hit many right in the feels with this acoustic medley , every videogame fan needs to listen to this and praise it to the high heavens.

4. Zelda's Lullaby ( The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time )

A very nice soft rock version of Zelda's iconic lullaby , you almost wish there were lyrics to this rendition.

5. Simple and Clean / Sanctuary ( Kingdom Hearts , Kingdom Hearts 2 )

Absolutely gorgeous mash up between the two Kingdom Hearts theme songs.

6. Someday - Kingdom Mix ( The World Ends With You , Kingdom Hearts 2 )

This is official Square Enix mix . What was originally along the lines of a punk rock song that Avril Lavigne became something much deeper and really helped set the tone not only for this particular game but what the Kingdom Hearts franchise is all about.

7. Objection !!! / Start A New Trial  ( Apollo Justice : Ace Attorney , Gyakuten Meets Orchestra )

The Ace Attorney is well known for it's top notch soundtrack amongst the fans . The series has an incredible discography with about 15 soundtracks with unique arrangements of popular themes.

8. Trouble of The World  ( Imitation of Life )

Prepare to get your life. If you are familiar with the 1959 version of " Imitation of Life " you remember the unforgettable scene when the fabulous Mahalia Jackson sings during Annie's send off ... I bet you were crying. Listen as the talented Leandria Johnson, provides a wonderful tribute to the queen during BET'S Sunday's Best . ( BTW it was hard finding a good cover version of this song )

9. Darkwing Duck Guitar Cover

Let's Get Dangerous !!!

10. The Cartoon Medley

Another acoustic medley , this one is truly unique considering how Fredde sings a few of the theme songs in their native langauge ( some people didn't know The Smurfs were from Belgium )

11. Sailor Outer Senshi Theme ( Sailor Moon )

The Sailor Senshi theme is truly breathtaking , have a listen at this violin cover which is truly on point.

12. Colors of The Wind Violin Cover ( Pocahontas )

This rendition  truly speaks to you and conveys the meaning without any vocals.

13. " The Prayer " ( Quest For Camelot / These Are Special Times / Sogno)

Tears for days and I'm sure that Celine and Andre would appluad this performance.

14 . Once Upon A Time In December ( Anastasia )

One of the few non Disney films with a truly memorable and celebrated soundtrack .
This is a great tribute worth listening to.

15. Cartoon Medley - Straight No Chaser

A few years ago a random acapella group got ONTDERS pregnant as they made their way through the Thanksgiving Day Parade singing a christmas medley. Straight No Chaser gives the goods with this cartoon medley paying tribute to Family Guy, Looney Tunes , Gummi Bears , and many more.

16. Truly Outrageous Piano Cover ( Jem and The Holograms )

Serving some Pink Panther tease

17. The Moon Acapella ( Ducktales )

Smooth McGroove is probably well known on ONTD , however couldn't exclude him and the kitty

Source : Youtube

* Sorry mods about the title , it was originally gonna be an acoustic post ;P *