Kim Kardashian Leaves Vienna Ball After Alleged Blackface Incident.

Kim Kardashian allegedly left Thursday’s Vienna Opera Ball early after a blackface incident and uncomfortable advances from her Austrian date.

The reality star was reportedly paid $500,000 to attend the event with businessman Richard Lugner, who TMZ claims became aggressive with her as the night wore on.

The site reports Lugner, 81, allegedly grabbed Kardashian several times and tried lose their security detail so he could be alone with her.

Kardashian was also reportedly upset by one of the ball’s staffers, who allegedly approached her in blackface and pretended to be Kanye West.

TMZ says the man went up to her a second time and requested a dance, and as Kardashian resisted, told her he wanted the orchestra to play “Ni**as in Vienna.”

Following Kardashian’s exit, Lunger reportedly told the press that his date was “annoying” and wasn’t “sticking to the program.”

Kris Jenner was also said to be in attendance, with some of the alleged incidents reportedly caught on camera by the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” production crew