Grammy nominated artist and alleged Islamophobe Kathryn Hudson delivers a baby!

A day in the life of Katy Perry is never going to be a typical one.

But the pop star had a particularly exciting – and life changing – Wednesday, she revealed on her Twitter page.

It seems Katy was with someone when they went into labour, and she was forced to spring into action and play midwife.

‘Finally you can add "helps delivers babies in living rooms" to my resume! It's been a miracle of a day... Auntie Katy aka Stylist Auntie,’ the 29-year-old tweeted.

Katy didn’t give any further information following the surprising revelation, which she posted on Wednesday evening.

No doubt the busy day would have provided a welcome distraction for the singer amid reports she has split up with her boyfriend John Mayer.

Katy is understood to have called time on her relationship with her 36-year-old beau in the 'last few days'.

E! News quoted a source as telling them that the pair's romance has come to an end, but said no other details have been revealed.

Us Weekly claimed it was stress over her upcoming Prismatic tour that was fuel for arguments.

'They've had rough patches, but this may be for good,' the source said.

E! also noted that John was noticeably absent from Katy's recent trips to London, where she performed at the BRIT Awards, and Milan. She returned to her Los Angeles home on Friday.

However it has also been claimed that the rumoured split between the on/off couple wasn’t a bitter one.

Another insider told Us Weekly that the break-up was ‘mutual’ and ‘extremely amicable,’ adding that they plan to stay friends.

The source added that John and Katy, who recently collaborated on the song Who You Love, ‘made the mature decision that it was the right time.’

Parting ways with John Mayer and his racist penis