Dude who'd respect you a little less if you had sex on the first date talks his exploding career

The Wire star Michael B. Jordan has had quite the year since his critically acclaimed role in Fruitvale Station propelled him to a whole new level of stardom, and ET caught up with the rising star at Icon Mann's 2nd Annual Power 50 Pre-Oscar Dinner in Beverly Hills, Calif. Tuesday to talk about his new leading man status.

"It's a humbling experience," Jordan, 27, says about all of the Hollywood buzz surrounding him. "You know, it's kind of like having your dreams come true. It's something that doesn't happen so often, so when you're lucky enough to be in that position -- live your dreams, man, and wake up every day to do what you feel you need to do and what you want to do. It's an incredible experience."

But Jordan also reveals that he wasn't always set on becoming a movie star his whole life.
"At first, getting into this industry in the first place is something that I never set out to do," he humbly says about now being celebrated as one of Icon Mann's top 50 philanthropic African-American men. "And to kind of grow with it and mature over the years -- and get small successes, small successes, and meet so many people that I look up to over the years -- it's pretty incredible to be in that conversation."

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