Suffering for their art: 10 actors with unflattering long hair

Daniel Radcliffe - The 24-year-old Harry Potter star is currently sporting long hair for a role in a film version of Frankenstein.

"I don't mind how it looks but I mind dealing with it. I don't know why any man would have it voluntarily," he laughed. "The amount of work it takes, having to dry it - doing anything to it is a f------ nightmare. I do have a whole new sympathy for women. I wouldn't be growing my hair this long in my own time."

The hair extensions do have one bonus: Radcliffe is now occasionally able to walk down the street without being recognised. He added: "I actually don't mind it because there's something really fun about looking totally different and seeing yourself that way. But it's not a permanent change."

Leonardo DiCaprio - A young Leo took on two roles in the 1998 film The Man in the Iron Mask, playing the French King Louis XIV and his imprisoned twin brother. The hair extensions he wore to play the king left him looking pretty as a princess, while the dual-role won him a Golden Raspberry Award for worst on-screen couple.

Brad Pitt - Pitt has often pushed the boundaries of acceptable hair length, both facial and up top. Perhaps his most memorable long-haired film appearance was in the 2004 Troy, where tousled blonde extensions transformed him into the warrior Achilles.

Collin Farrell - Farrell’s hair has been long and it has been short; greasy and reasonably clean; spiked up in a quiff and left to hang down limply from a centre parting. It has never looked worse, however, than when he took the title role in Oliver Stone’s Alexander, the story of the Macedonian King, and was forced to rock an over-grown blonde bowl cut.

Hugh Jackman - The Australian actor was spotted with a bushy beard and a wild head of hair when filming scenes for 2013’s The Wolverine. Jackman is no stranger to the unkempt look, having had his hair hacked off to play Jean Valjean in the screen version of Les Miserables, released the same year.

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