Miley Cyrus shuts down rumor I wasn't even aware of about Playing Tinker Bell in NBC’s Peter Pan

Raunchy pop star Miley Cyrus is busy kissing Katy Perry, simulating masturbation on stage, and (of course!) endlessly sticking out her tongue as she treks the country with her Bangerz tour. Still, the 21-year-old former child star took some time out on February 24 to shut down tabloid rumors that she’ll play Tinker Bell in the planned NBC live broadcast of Peter Pan.

”I would rather choke on my own tongue,“ Cyrus tweeted alongside a pic of a recent Star magazine item purporting that she is excited to don fairy wings on live TV because it’s her “dream role.”

By the way, the stage version of Peter Pan doesn’t have an actor playing Tinker Bell. The magical character is represented by a little flash of light and tinkling music. Also, to choke on one’s tongue, it would have to be in one’s mouth.

Peter Pan Live! is set to air on NBC on December 4.