ONTD Original - 8 small details to look forward to in the FFX-2 HD Remaster (possible spoilers)

Here's a list ONTD can actually keep in full, since it's an ONTD original. There are no spoilers to the story in this post since it focuses on aesthetics, but if you want to discover them on your own gameplay, then it's best to keep a distance.

A lot of these are International exclusives, but still worth mentioning, since Japan hogged it all until now. Feel free to add to the list in the comments - just please be sure to hide spoilers under a spoiler cut warning.


Of course this one's first: widescreen and enhanced graphics that your HD television will get along with. Softer lighting, added shadows and lines for defined details on character designs and environment, more flow and movement to hair and clothing, and say goodbye to mitten hands - fingers and nails are finally here!


Remade covers that are friendly to the entire Final Fantasy X and X-2 package. The standard edition for PS3 and PS VITA has the promo shots of Tidus and X-2 Yuna in one image (that can also be seen as the website's background), the limited edition has the newest artwork of Yuna and Tidus stamped on the cover, and the collector's edition cover consists of a plain, clean look of the remaster's updated logo.


Though a lot has remained the same (why fix something that was never broken?), SE managed to come up with new menu designs, with updated shapes, textures, colours, lighting, and fonts.


Hedy Burress (also the voice of Anima's Fayth), Tara Strong (Batgirl, Bubbles, Dil Pickles, Timmy Turner, Raven, Twilight Sparkle, everyone and their mother - shame on you if you don't know who she is by now tbh), and Gwendoline Yeo (offered her voice to a handful of characters for DCU) reprised their roles as Yuna, Rikku, and Paine for the +Last Mission Western release.


Speaking of voices, the International dresspheres will come with new battle quotes and sayings! Prepare yourselves for the cheesy writing, it's going to be flawless.


The new load screen features Spiran font and a gliding seagull that represents the Gullwings - a definite upgrade to the plain, black screen that used to be.


Finally, the character thumbnails change when the dresspheres do!


The remaster's new subtitle font gives in to latest consoles' trend of small, nearly unreadable text! How lovely.

Sadly, FFX-2's beautiful save/load screen has been replaced with the PlayStation 3's standard one. Not a huge deal of course, but it would have been neat to see a cornocopia of dresspheres from the new thumbnails.


Fav battle quotes? I love when Yuna says "Game over, man! Game. Over." in her Ladyluck dressphere.