Your Guide to Ladies Loving Ladies on Television


Everyone wants to have pop culture figures that they feel they can identity with and that’s why many members of the LGBT community will seek out movies and tv shows that showcase LGBT characters. Who among us hasn’t watched a show just because we heard there were lesbians in it? I decided to put together a guide of LGBT ladies in TV for anyone who is looking for some characters they can relate to. These aren’t in any particular order and I may very well have missed some (feel free to comment and tell me if I did!) Also, SPOILERS. You have been warned.

The L Word
The L Word had to be first on this list. 6 seasons (5 if you’re like me and like to pretend the last one never happened) of awesome lesbian story-lines that we hate to love and love to hate. The L Word was revolutionary when it comes to LGBT representation on TV and will always hold a high spot in the collective lesbian heart for that reason. Also: Shane. I should also mention that this show spawned a reality show called The Real L Word about actual lesbians, also worth checking out.
South of Nowhere
South of Nowhere is one of the best teenage coming-out stories I’ve ever seen. The main characters of the show are Spencer and Ashley (known affectionately by their fans as Spashley) and its their relationship as friends and girlfriends that drives the show (along with some other awesome characters as well). South of Nowhere is possibly my favorite out of all the shows on this list.
Lip Service
Lip Service is sometimes referred to as “the British version of the L Word” because it features a cast with a majority of lesbian characters. This show only lasted two (short) seasons but gave us some great characters and interesting relationships. Like The L Word, it wasn’t afraid to kill off one of the main characters. It’s a short watch and definitely worth doing if you’re into lesbian-themed programming.
Skins UK
Skins UK’s 2nd Generation (series 3 and 4) featured another fan favorite couple: Emily and Naomi. Season 3 is quite brilliant as we watch these two girls discover themselves and their sexuality, fall in love, and come out of their shells. Season 4 mucks everything up but comes around in the end. And whatever you do, DO NOT watch their 2 part episode appearances in Skins: Fire (series 7) unless you want your heart ripped out of your chest. Another season of a show I like to pretend doesn’t exist.

Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little Liars is essentially a giant murder mystery where four girls make four seasons worth of bad decisions. The best part of the show is one of the friends, Emily (played by Shay Mitchell)’s coming out story as she falls for the gorgeous Maya and comes out to her friends and family. Their relationship suffered many tragedies and Emily is now with Paige but regardless, the show handles the lesbian relationships pretty well.  Emily and Maya > Emily and Paige.

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