Once Upon a Time Preview 7 Teasers For Season 3B Premiere

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It’s been over two months since we watched Emma and Henry drive away as Storybrooke disappeared in a cloud of purple magic in the midseason finale of Once Upon a Time.

While there are still 13 days before the series returns, we were lucky enough to receive an advanced screener of the premiere from ABC so we’re here to give fans some scoop on what they have to look forward to on March 9.

Right off the bat, we loved the episode, “New York City Serenade.” It’s fast-paced and fills in a lot of details that we were curious about once we saw Hook on Emma’s doorstep one year after Regina undid the curse.

The episode has some lovely parallels to the pilot episode of the series and there are quite a few things (moments, interactions) that give a nod to the show’s history. There are also some great role reversals thanks to memory gaps that serve as an enjoyable way to give fans information as to just how different things are without the curse.

Obviously we can’t give too much away because that takes the fun out of it (and we don’t want ABC to put a curse on us), but here’s what we can share about the premiere:

1. Aurora and Prince Phillip welcome the group back to the Enchanted Forest and catch them up on some of the happenings there. But they leave something major out for a valid reason.

2. Neal and Belle each have a plan when it comes to getting Rumpel back. They also each get to have a reunion in the episode (Bonus Swan Fire Shipper Scoop: A choice Neal makes is also a throwback to a previous episode of the series as is something Emma sees).

3. Hook is relentless in his efforts to make Emma remember and she is not amused, but her curiosity gets the best of her – twice (Bonus Captain Swan Shipper Scoop: Something you’ve been wanting happens and you will flail over it. Also, all of their scenes will make you smile. All of them).

4. Snow helps Regina through an emotional moment and it’s touching to see how far they’ve come. [Bonus Outlaw Queen Shipper Scoop: If you weren’t already shipping these two, their first meeting will make you want to start. It’s flawless).

5. Speaking of Regina, murder remains her go-to solution for any problem that she comes across. Alternate suggestions are made by [spoiler] and [spoiler]. Will Regina listen or go back to her Evil Queen ways?

6. Storybrooke is back, but the how and the why are not immediately answered. Instead, we’re left with a mystery that will have viewers craving more episodes (Bonus non-shipper scoop: Out of all the throwbacks to the pilot, our favorite is a moment that takes place in Storybrooke).

7. Flying monkeys are absolutely terrifying. As for the Wicked Witch…we don’t learn a lot about her in the episode, but what we see? Perfection.

Bonus Dialogue Teases:

“Emma Swan always gets her man.”

“I know you better than you know yourself.”

“Stop looking for things to be wrong.”


How excited are you guys to for new episodes to laugh at? How many have already jumped ship and won't watch?