Piers Morgan and 10 other famous Brits who flopped in America

Piers Morgan has had his US chat show cancelled after low ratings and complaints about his views on guns. Even worse, a petition to have him deported has been signed by hundreds of thousands of Americans. He joins a long line of Brits who have failed to earn a devoted following in America.

They were one of the biggest bands of the Nineties in the UK, but swaggering Britpoppers Oasis failed to replicate their success in the US. That's not to say they were a complete flop; they still achieved three top-five albums and six platinum records in America. But, comparatively, they certainly didn't live up to the hype – something Noel Gallagher is still angry with his brother Liam for: "I still blame him for the fact that we never cracked the US," Noel said. "When we had one of the biggest selling albums in the world, and were about to begin a crucial US tour, he arrived at the airport, gave some ludicrous excuse that he couldn't get on the plane, and left us stranded."

The Inbetweeners USA (and other British sitcoms)
The Americans are constantly remaking our sitcoms, usually with jarring results. There have been several low points – Red Dwarf USA, Men Behaving Badly, Dad's Army, The IT Crowd – but surely the nadir was The Inbetweeners USA, which took a quintessentially British show, stripped it of its charm and amusing puerility, made the cast better looking and, thankfully, was cancelled within two months of launching on MTV.

Cheryl Cole
Immaculately white teeth? Check. Pouty hands on hip pose? Check. Hair with more weave than a wicker basket? Check. Geordie accent? Oh, wait. There’s a particular brand of dazzling showbiz perfection that the American public warm to. Unfortunately, sounding a bit like a posh Paul Gascoigne doesn’t cut it. Former Girls Aloud singer and North-East princess Cheryl Cole found out the hard way when she was dropped from the US X Factor in 2011 and replaced with Nicole Scherzinger after attending just two auditions, with producers also citing insufficient chemistry between her and fellow judge Paula Adbul. Cole is reportedly to make a return to the UK X Factor this year – howay, pet, better get the subtitles ready.

King George III
To say King George III wasn't popular with Americans is an understatement: they hated him and his government so much that the American War of Independence happened. Yes, as King Georges go, this was the mad one, so you could argue that he had too much on his plate to care about what the Yanks thought of him. But even hundreds of years later, it's a safe bet that most Americans don't remember him fondly.

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