5 Seconds of Summer - She Looks So Perfect Music Video + Tour & EP News

In the fast-moving world of boy bands, success can come and go in the blink of an eye. Based on the average price on the secondary market for 5 Seconds of Summer tickets to their 10-stop North America tour this summer, there may be some new kids on the block.

5 Seconds was formed in 2011 and consists of four Australians named Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin, all of whom went to school together. Unlike a lot of other boy bands, who are constructed by record or TV executives, 5 Seconds was born organically. In 2011, the foursome began shooting videos of themselves covering a range of songs, from Chris Brown’s ‘Forever’ to Wheatus ‘Teenage Dirtbag.’ They posted these videos on YouTube and the videos now have millions of views, many of which were generated through the bands’ saavy use of social media. Through those same grassroots promotional efforts, the bands first original EP titled ‘Unplugged’ went to number three on the iTunes Australia chart, and they haven’t looked back since.

Perhaps the biggest step for the band, however, was when they were tapped to open for One Direction on the 2013 ‘Take Me Home’ Tour. That tour was the biggest concert of 2013 with average prices on the secondary market reaching as high as $1,000 in some cities. ‘Take Me Home’ was One Direction’s second North American tour and the overall average price for North American leg of the tour was over $500. That compares to just over $300 for the current tour, which has about double the capacity as it’s playing in 60,000-person stadiums as opposed to 20,000-person arenas. One Direction’s first tour, in 2012, was titled ‘Up All Night’ and played to much more intimate audiences, in the range of 6,000. The average price for those 26 North American stops was $326. The current average price 5 Seconds of Summer’s 10-stop north American tour is $346, or $20 more than One Direction tickets for their first North American tour. Other big spring and summer tours also can’t compete: Demi Lovato tickets have an average secondary resale price of under $200. 5 Seconds are playing in venues with an average capacity of 2,500-people, but even with that smaller audience, demand is through the roof. Face prices for the #5SOS shows ranged from $25-$34, meaning that the secondary market has marked the tickets up more than 10-fold. The 10 shows sold out in minutes and the mania on social media looks a lot like what we’ve seen for One Direction tickets over the past two tours. While prices for One Direction’s first tour may look like 5 Seconds currently-planned tour, there’s one big difference between 5 Seconds, One Direction and most other boy bands: all of the 5 Seconds members play their own instruments.

5 SECONDS of Summer seem set for more than their 15 minutes of seasonal fame as their latest single She Looks So Perfect smashes straight into No. 1 on the digital charts.
The Sydney quartet stirred Next Big Thing buzz last year when they were personally tapped by One Direction to open on their Take Me Home world tour.
Playing 110 shows throughout Europe, the US and back home built a global fanbase hungry for a band of boys whose creative point of difference struck a chord with 1D’s teen and tween audience.
While discovered on YouTube playing covers, the postmillennial pub circuit for spotting new talent, 5SOS co-write their songs and play their instruments.
With more than two million Twitter followers for the band handle and more than one million each for Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Mikey Clifford, band members are social media savvy about keeping the passions of their young constituency inflamed.
When pre-orders for the She Looks So Perfect EP put them at No. 1 on iTunes in 41 countries without anyone hearing a note, it knocked the band sideways.
“Calum always says this, that we’re just four guys from Sydney so it’s just a crazy thought that there are fans in 41 countries waiting for our music to arrive,” Irwin says.
“I mean, we’ve only been to five or six countries on the 1D tour.
“And we had never got a chance to see something like that happen before because we haven’t released anything for a while.”

Pre-orders may have stoked their excitement but even those insane figures couldn’t match their euphoria as they watched the single smash its way to No. 1 on iTunes in Australia when it was released on Friday morning.
It was the most added song to radio playlists here a couple of weeks ago.
Sitting in their bedrooms in London where they have just finished recording their debut record, the band cheered the song on like they were barracking for their football team.
“We were watching the Australian iTunes charts because that’s what our phones are set to,” Hemmings says.
“We were just sitting there watching it go crazy. To know we have that amount of support is intense.”
The band kick off an American headlining tour in April after a run of UK dates and plan to return to Australia in May to reveal more concert plans.
Life in London has further confirmed their arrival as they were invited to last week’s Brit Awards to catch up with their 1D mates and were papped as they arrived at a London club to celebrate Hood’s 18th birthday earlier this month.
“It’s always funny when that happens to us because I couldn’t imagine why they would care just yet. Maybe one day,” Hemmings says.

You can pre-order the She Looks so Perfect EP starting tomorrow!