TM2's Kailyn & Jo's Contentious Custody Battle

Since season five of Teen Mom 2 debuted, Kailyn Lowry has been in a nasty custody battle with her baby daddy Jo Rivera over their son Isaac. In a preview for the upcoming episode, the fight continued, leaving Lowry in tears.

“I talked to my lawyer again and she said Jo wants 10 overnights a month with Isaac in exchange for allowing me to move to Delaware,” Lowry told the cameras. “Right now, Jo gets Isaac for eight nights, so I’m going to meet him to see if we can compromise.”

At Rivera’s house, Lowry kicked right into the conversation.

Kail: Okay, so I told my attorney that I would compromise for you want 10 overnights. I would compromise for nine.

Jo: I think you’re making a big deal of one overnight.

Kail: I just really wanted Isaac to go to school three days a week, like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

Jo: Is it possible for him to go to school full time one week and then some days the next week? Is that possible to do that?

Kail: The program that I have him enrolled for is for Monday through Thursday. So my thought was, ‘Okay, I’ll pay tuition for Monday through Thursday and then only send him Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.’ Because otherwise I don’t think that I should pay for it at all for him to go two days a week.

Jo: I just don’t see. It’s not a huge deal. It’s one extra night.

Kail: So essentially we’re not, basically we’re not coming to an agreement then? You’re dead set on Tuesday. I’m dead set on Wednesday.

Jo: I was dead set on you not moving.

Kail: But you moved!

Jo: So petty.

Kail: What a normal father gets is every other weekend.

Jo: What a normal father? I’m not a normal father. I’m an extravagant father.

Kail: Yeah, well, I’m going to leave now. Have a nice night.

But while she was able to maintain a straight face in the house, as soon as she got to the car, Lowry called her husband Javi Marroquin and broke down in tears. “Javi, I’m so pissed off!” she cried. “Like I came to here to **** talk to him about tomorrow and he’s like, ‘You’re being petty, saying you’re going to give me nine overnights…’ He’s calling me petty. Like I don’t want to lose more time with my kid.”

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry seemed very adamant that she wanted nothing to do with her ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera’s girlfriend, Vee Torres. However, Kail and Vee finally came face to face on Feb. 21, she revealed via Twitter.

Kailyn told fans that she and Javi, along with Isaac and baby son Lincoln, all went to visit Jo and Vee at their home on Friday.

Kailyn Lowry not only met with Vee, but she says she actually had fun. “Had so much fun hanging out with Javi, Jo and Vee! Isaac is gona love this!” she wrote.

She also posted a photo online of Isaac and Lincoln at Jo and Vee’s house. "We all came to Daddy & Vee's today! @javim9," Kailyn captioned her Instagram photo tagging her husband Javi. In the background a camera crew can be seen, meaning that the meeting will likely be shown on the next season of “Teen Mom 2.”

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