Footage emerges of Sarah Hyland groper touching Sandra Bullock.

You may have heard that Modern Family star Sarah Hyland was innappropriately touched by a male fan at Qantas event in Sydney a few days ago - but it looks like the man in question has a problem keeping his hands by his side.

Nedal Lakmas, a 29-year-old man who is known as a 'celebrity autograph hunter', has been seen in fresh footage grazing the chest of actress Sandra Bullock at a red carpet event for The Heat last year in Sydney.

In the footage, Sandra is seen to be startled and says "don't touch my breast" and begins to brush the incident off. One of her security members put Nedal's hand down and asked him to "calm down".

The uncle of the serial celebrity stalker claims that his nephew has a medical condition, which he receives a pension for, and his actions have been misinterpreted, "He has been crying non-stop since this has happened."

"He gets so much enjoyment from meeting these people. He loves to meet these people. I have spoken with him since and he says to me: 'Why do they think I do this?'. The boy is being punished but he didn't do anything. And the media say that one minute he touched (Sarah Hyland's) boob and the next it's her bum. Make your mind up."

Video of the incident.