Selena Gomez Is Troubled

It was revealed earlier this month that Selena Gomez had spent two weeks in rehab in January, but according to sources, friends are worried that 14 days wasn't long enough.
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Selena checked into Dawn at the Meadows recovery facility in Arizona at the start of 2014, before leaving the clinic two weeks later.

However, sources have now said that the singer's loved ones are concerned that she should have stayed there longer.

“It is not humanly possible to recover from your rock bottom that quickly,” an alleged friend told US Star magazine, adding: “We’re all concerned for her well-being.”

Gomez has thrown herself straight back into work following her rehab stint, but her friends allegedly think that she needs to slow things down a little.

“She’s still very fragile and not coping with her problems at all,” the source says. “She’s jabbering to herself, and everyone is worried she’s about to pull a Britney [Spears] — she’s a very troubled young girl, and if she doesn’t get it together, the psych ward could be next.”

The reports come after sources previously told the magazine that friends were worried before the brunette got help.

"Everyone became increasingly worried that there might be a serious problem with Selena. They wanted to help her and encouraged her to go to rehab," an insider says.

"She'd worked in Hollywood non-stop for six years. She was exhausted and smart enough to understand that she needed to take control of her life."

The only official word from Selena on the stay said: "Selena voluntarily spent time at Meadows but not for substance abuse."