Everyone Games: GaymerX 2 gaming convention hits Kickstarter

The LGBTQ gaming convention that held its inaugural event last year is now seeking funding via Kickstarter for its second, to be held in San Francisco in July.

GaymerX 2 will be arriving in July, thanks to a brand-new Kickstarter campaign to fund the second LGBTQ-oriented gaming event.

The first GaymerX con was held in August last year over two days after a successful Kickstarter campaign the year before. The campaign achieved a massive US$91,388 of its US$25,000 goal, and the event itself saw over 2300 attendees.

This year, the event is only seeking US$10,000 through Kickstarter and will run over three days from 11-13 July. It will feature guest speakers well known for their work towards greater inclusivity in games such as BioWare's David Gaider, game critic Mattie Brice, Gamercamp co-founder Jaime Woo, the IDGA's Gordon Bellamy, sci-fi author John Scalzi, SMBC's Zach Weiner and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

In addition, openly gay WWE Superstar Darren Young (Fred Rosser) will be in attendance.

Although the event is focused on LGBTQ issues, everyone is welcome (if they're over 18, that is). "We want to create a gaming and tech event that focuses on queer issues and themes, not the other way around," founder Matt Conn wrote. "Similar to Gay and Lesbian film festivals and cultural events, we welcome all and hope to provide a fun, exciting, vibrant community that is in no way closed off from the rest of the gaming community."

On Kickstarter, passes start at US$50 for all three days if you want to give one as a gift, or US$59 if you're buying for yourself. If you're buying through the GaymerX website, prices start at US$70. Tickets will not be sold on the door.

The event also has a special deal with the InterContinental San Francisco, but places are limited, so you need to book fast. You'll have to sort out travel for yourself.

Head over to the GaymerX 2 Kickstarter campaign for more information and to reserve your ticket.


a dedicated con for lgbtq+ issues sounds like a much better idea than something like pax's "diversity lounge"