This is a GoT ladies post, tbh (plus word of a red carpet S4 premiere)

Gwendoline Christie at Elle Style Awards and LFW

Sibel Kekilli at the Top Shop Unique show at LFW

Some social media stuff

Sophie Turner posted this qt pic of some of the cast in NYC last year. If you look really closely and use your imagination, it looks like Kit is smizing.

Sibel Kekilli posted this photo of her and Conleth Hill on her Facebook for Valentine's Day. <3

Maisie Williams at some LFW event (I think?)

And here is Sophie singing the chorus of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" while hanging out on the set of Alone, which she's filming in NYC rn. Future Grammy winner, tbh.

GRRM mentions a red carpet premiere for GoT Season 4
As part of a larger blog post about an advanced screening of the premiere at his Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, GRRM mentioned that HBO has a big media roll-out planned leading up to the season 4 premiere (similar to last year, which means lots of party posts):

Our Santa Fe event will not be THE Premiere for season four. One of those is in the works, for a city considerably larger than Santa Fe and a theatre considerably larger than the Jean Cocteau, but I will leave it for HBO to make that announcement when the time is ripe.

Our Santa Fe screenings will follow the big red carpet premiere, the way San Francisco and Seattle followed LA last year. We expect to have a red carpet too, though I make no promises about who might show up to walk on it... besides myself, of course. I'll be there, for sure.

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I hope they have some sort of event again in NYC this year. They were far too West Coast friendly in their promo last year, lol.