Disney Animation EVP/GM Talks Marvel’s ‘Big Hero 6′ Production

Posted by Chris Beveridge

Even though Big Hero 6 is slated for a November 7th, 2014 release, we haven’t heard all that much about it. We had gotten word early on that Don Hall was directing the feature and then Chris Williams stepped in some time along the way to co-direct it. Now we’ve got a little more of the puzzle out there in how the film is going to be handled since it’s a cross-unit piece within the sprawling Disney empire. The Disney Animation Studios general manager and executive vice president, Andrew Millstein, was involved in a discussion about Frozen and how that’s reinvigorated the unit and given them a lot more to work with. Frozen saw some amazing numbers but the upcoming Big Hero 6 is a different kettle of fish since it’s loosely based off of the Marvel Comics series of the same name.

Your next film is Big Hero 6, which comes out in November and is based on a Marvel comic series. How involved is Marvel?

It’s a Disney Animation Studios project. We have friends at Marvel. We like to share where we are. But it’s more from the perspective of, “Share your wisdom with us, what’s working, what’s not.” But it really lives within Disney Animation Studios.

It comes from the Marvel library, but it’s not a Marvel property that people are familiar with. Will you present it as Marvel-based?

We’re going to have to fine-tune the language of the presentation. But it’s not a secret we are trying to hide. We will highlight that in the right way.

FYI this is the concept art that leaked on tumblr and judging by Wasabi's design the rumors regarding this film are true so far

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